For quality control in the coating sector, coat thicknesses are measured either destructively or non-destructively. Many European and internationally applicable testing possibilities are available for this purpose, e.g. [1-13]. One common feature in all the procedures is the retraceability of the length or length differences measured using various methods to national or international units. In the range of the thin coats (< 10 µm), various coat standards exist today according to which, for example, device manufacturers or users can adjust their measuring devices. However, there are no such certifiable standards for the thick-coat range. The objective of this project was to manufacture standard coat thicknesses of approx. 50 - 1,000 µm using vacuum plasma spraying consisting of non-conductive, non-magnetic coats with the highest possible precision with regard to coat ho¬mogeneity and final-contour fabrication and then to certify them. This article describes the requirements concerning the material selection, spraying process and subsequent machining. Paper text in German.

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