This paper investigates the influence of spraying current and gun transverse speed on the characteristics of the hydroxyapatite (HA) and Ti-6A1-4V composite coatings. Two different kinds of feedstock are being used; HA and Ti-6A1-4V in the ratio of 80 v/t. %: 20 wt. % and 50 wt. %: 50 wt. % respectively. The paper investigates the influence of the plasma spray currents at 600 A, 800 A, and 1000 A and the influence of the feed speeds of the spray gun at 250 mm/s, 500 mm/s, and 750 mm/s. It examines the powders or coatings using an Instron machine, XRD, and scanning electron microscopy. It is found that a spraying current of l000 A, relative to 600 A and 800 A, gives a coating that is less porous and composed of a well-splayed structure. It also yields the highest bond strength among the coatings. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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