Transferred-arc cleaning and roughening as discussed in the patent by Muhlberger is often used as a surface preparation method prior to low pressure plasma spray (LPPS) deposition of coatings. In this article, electrically transmitted arc cleaning is investigated as a precision cleaning method for thin films lubricating substrates as well as traditional cleaning and roughening for LPPS. A Box-Behnken reaction surface construction test is carried out with variation of the chamber pressure, the substrate distance and the torch current taking into account the transferred arc voltage, the voltage fluctuation, the current, the emitted light, and the surface cleanliness. The results of the analysis show the effect of the various independent quantities on the measured responses. Different stages in the cleaning process are determined by their sample cleanliness, their voltage level, their voltage fluctuation, their emitted light and their rate of erosion. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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