This paper provides results from experimental studies with regard to novel, thermally sprayed coatings for tribological applications, which consist of mechanical mixtures of cast iron powders (2.16% by weight C and 5.18% by weight Si) and solid lubricant (calcium fluoride or iron oxide) produced in an amount of 10 to 20% by volume. It was established that a basic phase of initial cast iron powder and detonation coatings is gamma-Fe and it is alpha-Fe in plasma coatings. Oxide inclusions which are products of cast iron oxidation are observed in coatings structure. Metallographic investigations showed an uniform distribution of solid lubricant inclusions in a metallic-matrix of coatings. Tribotechnical tests of coatings containing 20 vol. % calcium fluoride carried out in conditions of room temperature indicated that the best antifriction properties were obtained for coatings with calcium fluoride additions which were sprayed by supersonic air-gas plasma method. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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