The improvement of the tribologic characteristics of surfaces is an important application of thermal sprayed coatings. Also various ranges of application demand good antiadhesive characteristics. The tribologic and antiadhesive characteristics of fluorine containing polymers are very good. Since furthermore those polymers have the highest thermal resistance of all plastics it has been investigated if those polymers can be integrated in thermal sprayed oxide and carbide coatings. The aim was to improve the tribologic and antiadhesive characteristics. The processes Plasma- and HVOF-spraying have been used to apply the coatings. The polymers in the coatings were detected by examinations with the light-optical and the scanning electron microscope. To heighten the contrast for the light microscopy examinations the metallographic sections of the specimens were physically contrasted. To clearly identify the different phases with the scanning electron microscope EDX-analyses have been carried out. Samples have been tested to investigate the mechanical characteristics of the coatings. Paper text in German.

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