Using a DC-plasmajet amorphous and nanocrystalline Si-C-layers are synthesized from chloromethylsilanes on various substrate materials. Though most of the layers show granular morphologies with cluster diameters between 25 and 400 nm depending on the process parameters, coatings with a dense or columnar morphology and with a smooth surface can be synthesized as well. XRD analyses verify β-SiC crystals with an average diameter of 5 nm. In some samples produced from carbon rich precursors also graphite is detected. Depending on the substrate material and the process parameters deposition rates up to 1,300 µm/h are obtained. Apart from silicon and carbon the coatings convey oxygen and chlorine verified by EDX. Coatings removed from the substrate can withstand several bending cycles (45°) without any visible indication of failure. Paper text in German.

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