A promising technique to increase the portions of hard metal and hence the wear resistance of components is the coating with more wear-resistant hard metals by thermal spraying. The development of suitable coatings includes the selection of substrates, preliminary treatment of substrates, selection of powders, spraying techniques, spraying parameters, coating and quality characterisation. Examined were variants of high velocity oxy-fuel flame spraying CDS (Continuous-Detonatio-Spraying), DJH (Diamond-Jet-Hybrid 2700) and the wear resistance with 3-body-wear. The results confirm that substrates coated by DJH hard metal (e.g. with WC 86 Co10 Cr4) in comparisation with uncoated substrates (16MnCr5, case-hardened, hardness 65 HRC) have a specific wear by 3-body-wear-test which is many times lower then without coating. Paper text in German.

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