This article attempts to predict the temperature, state and velocity of Tribaloy 800 particles by means of numerical modeling. It aims to identify parameters that have a significant influence on the inflight particle characteristics for Argon/Hydrogen plasma sprayed Tribaloy 800, and to compare predicted air entrainment and particle residence times between Argon/Hydrogen and Argon/Helium plasma gas mixtures. The effect of spray parameters (primary-, secondary- carrier gas mass flows, current, spray distance and nozzle diameter) on the particle in-flight characteristics (velocity and temperature) and their interactions are studied by a two level fractional factorial experiment applied on the simulations. A comparison between argon Argon/Hydrogen and Argon/helium plasm gas mixtures is made in order to investigate whether the coating oxidation level can be reduced using Argon/Helium. Finally, the correlation between the modeled parameters and the application microstructure is studied. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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