Two different coatings were studied in this work : vacuum plasma-sprayed NiCoCrAlYTa and electrodeposited NiCoCrAlYTa. These coatings were deposited on AM3 single crystal alloy. The tensile and creep properties of coated single crystal test specimens were investigated. Ductile-brittle transition temperatures (DBBTs) were determined from tensile tests. Creep tests were performed on cylindrical specimens and on thin flat specimens. All the coatings were examined before and after testing. The two tested coatings induce a ductile/brittle transition. Strain rate has a great influence on the transition temperature. The comparison between the two processes of deposition illustrates the strong influence of coating microstructure. A marked decrease in creep properties was observed for thin single crystal specimens but contrary to cylindrical specimens, the coating has a quite positive influence, so that the creep life of coated thin specimens is increased.

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