High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray has been used by the Navy for repairing components for several years with great success. This paper will discuss some of the applications being done, the results of these applications and where the technology will be utilized on the future. The Office of Naval Research in conjunction with Naval Research Laboratory and Naval Surface Warfare Center is investigating replacements for chrome plating. One of the technologies being looked at is HVOF Thermal Spray. This paper will discuss this program, new materials being developed and new applications being done. The superior physical characteristic of HVOF has increased the utility of this technology from mechanical components to aircraft and submarine components. Acceptance of these coatings at various levels at NAVSEA will be discussed and criteria established for these acceptances will be reviewed. The role of these coatings in ship repairs as well as the implications for new construction will be discussed. Specific examples of repairs will be shown and updated reports will be provided as to their service. Locations that have services available will be detailed and future growth of this technology within the Navy will be reviewed. A quick overview of similar emerging technologies will be provided. A highlight of the presentation will be an update of the repair done with HVOF Tungsten Carbide on the Rudder Rams on the USS Saipan.

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