In the Automotive Industry the need for lower manufacturing costs, the use of less strategic material, and easier, faster, and more flexible routes for manufacturing are being looked for continuously. The environmental concerns relating to the use of galvanic coatings is growing. This has led to the examination of the plasma-powder spray process for the application of coatings for surface modification. In the area of engine cylinder bore coatings a major advance is taking place in the use of a rotating plasma spray device. This paper covers the use of a plasma-powder spray process for the coating of aluminum-silicon cylinder block bores using a rotating plasma gun capable of producing coatings of reliable microstructure and integrity. Properties and microstructures of the applied coatings will be presented. Test results will be shown that the necessary bond strength of the coating can be achieved without the use of a bond coat. Surface preparation prior to coating and surface finishing methods after coating will also be discussed. Experience in Europe, Japan and the Unites States will be discussed which show that the plasma-powder spray process offers a performance proven and cost effective solution for the coating of cylinder bores, thus demonstrating the future application potential for this technology.

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