Physical properties of coatings based on Fe-B, Fe-Ni-B, Fe-Cr-P-C, Fe-Ni-Si-B, Ni-P, Ni-Nb and Co-Fe-B-Si, deposited by the methods of flame, plasma-arc, and detonation spraying were investigated. The coatings have mostly the amorphous structure with the volume content of the amorphous phase equal to 75-95 %. Values of the distribution and temperature coefficients of electric resistance of the coatings, depending upon a method and conditions of spraying, as well as upon their treatment parameters, were determined. Comparative studies of these coatings and thin amorphous strips produced by the melt spinning method were conducted. The amorphous coatings of ferromagnetic iron and cobalt alloys are shown to be magnetically soft materials and are characterized by a high magnetic induction combined with a high magnetic permeability. As compared with the amorphous strips, Curie temperature of the amorphous ferromagnetic coatings is by 50-140 K higher and their anisotropy of magnetic properties is lower.

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