The main purpose of this work is the development of mathematical and computer models for the integrated simulation of all stages of the atmospheric plasma spraying process (APS) with temperature dependent thermophysical and mechanical properties of the used materials and gases and experimental verification of the simulated results. The following mathematical models of APS were created: particle heating and movement in the plasma jet; coating structure formation; heat transfer and residual stresses in the coating-substrate system. The computer realization of these models enables us to model all stages of APS (integrated or separately). Databases of coating, substrate and plasma-gas substances include the temperature dependent properties. The model of APS is divided in 3 parts, which are connected by continuous data interface. Two dimensional approximation of plasma-gas velocity and temperature in the free plasma jet was used for computation of particle velocity, trajectory and temperature. This information was created with a special Graphic program module and included in database. Computer experiments for plasma spraying of Ah03 and ZrO2+8%Y2O3 in Ar/H2 plasma were carried out. The experimental verification of developed models with High-Velocity-Pyrometry (HVP) and Laser-Doppler-Anemometry (LDA) have shown the satisfactory precision of simulated results.

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