Plasma transferred arc (PTA) is now currently used for reclamation of worn materials or to provide wear or corrosion resistant coatings welded to the base material. However, the powder injection in the molten pool created at the coated part surface is a critical parameter. In order to avoid coating reproducibility problems induced by the powder feed rate, the way to coat substrate surface with powder before the PTA treatment has been studied. As the powder cannot simply be deposited onto the substrate because of the plasma flow which would blow it off before melting it, tape casting process was used to obtain an adherent powder layer on the material surface. In this paper, tape casting of NiCu particles is described and the different organic additives used to obtain a homogeneous nickel copper film on cast iron and AG3 aluminum alloys are presented. The first results of the treatment of these films by PTA reclamation are then shown.

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