Commercially available coating techniques such as "open arc" and "spray & fuse" methods were used to compare the microstructural development with the plasma transferred arc (PTA) coating process for the hardfacing of NiCrBSi and Stellite 6 alloys. Denser eutectic structure was observed in the case of PTA coated layers of the Stellite 6 alloys than those of open arc weld-surfacing process. The shape of both carbides and borides in the 16C alloy coated by PTA processing were also obtained to have coarse morphology of carbides and borides while the "spray & fused" layers show a needle shape with finer distributions. Possible thermal history during each coating process is discussed. Based on microstructural observation, the hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion behaviors are reported. As expected, the alloy properties are directly related to their constituents of microstructure.

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