The paper reports a series of experiments with various HVOF spray systems (Jet Kote, Top Gun, Diamond Jet (DJ) Standard, DJ 2600 and 2700, JP-5000) using different types of WC-Co and WC-Co-Cr powders. The microstructure and phase composition of powders and coatings were analyzed by optical and scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Carbon and oxygen content of the coatings were determined in order to study the decarburization and oxidation of the material during the spray process. Coatings were also characterized by their hardness, bond strength, abrasive wear and corrosion resistance. The results demonstrate that the powders exhibit various degrees of phase transformation during the spray process depending on the type of powder, the spray system and the spray parameters. Within a relatively wide range, the extend of phase transformations has only little effect on coating properties. Therefore coatings of high hardness and wear resistance can be produced with all HVOF spray systems when the proper spray powder and process parameters are chosen.

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