The purpose of this study is to investigate the microstructure and wear resistance of plasma sprayed WC-Co-Ni coatings. WC-Co-Ni composite powders were prepared by mixing of WC powder, Co powder and a Ni-P alloy powder, followed by sintering and crushing to improve the properties of plasma sprayed WC-Co coatings. In this study, their coatings were deposited by the atmospheric plasma spraying. The evaluation of their coatings were carried out by the observation of microstructure, measuring of microhardness values, adhesion strength values and an abrasive wear test. The abrasive wear resistance of the as-sprayed WC-Co-Ni coatings was comparable with that of WC-Co coatings deposited by HVOF spraying, and besides, the properties of the post-treated WC-Co-Ni coating were comparable with those of cemented carbides.

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