In the Brite Euram Project COMBCOAT Thermal Barrier Coatings for improved thermal protection with a thickness up to 2 mm have been developed for combustor applications. As a typical experiment to evaluate the quality of the coatings, life cycles to spallation by means of thermal cycling tests have been determined at ANSALDO Ricerche, BMW Rolls- Royce and Volvo Aero Corporation. To ensure that the ranking on the different cycling experiments are equivalent and to compare cycles to spallation reached in the different rigs, a comparison of 6 different coatings, highly porous as well as segmented ones, has been performed on the three different rigs. Results of the different tests demonstrated that a direct comparison of the result is not possible. The ranking and the number of cycles to spallation have been inconsistent for different specimen and rigs. Detailed simulation of experiments need to be performed to understand the differences between results.

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