Aluminium silicon alloys have shown favourable properties when used as the matrix for abradable coatings in low pressure compressors of gas turbines [1 and 2]. This paper aims to describe the wear mechanisms found in aluminium silicon based abradables. To this end three thermally sprayed coatings are investigated. Aluminium silicon polyester, aluminium silicon-graphite and the most recently developed, aluminium silicon-hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) examined here are amongst a few of these materials. To be able to design materials to function in as wide a parameter range as possible, a test ng simulating engine mechanisms is required. Tests were conducted using titanium blades at velocities ranging from 250 - 450 m/s, temperatures of ambient to 450°C and controlled incursion rate of 5, 50 and 500 µm/s. The data obtained from these tests is best interpreted in the form of wear maps which characterise the seal performance and therefore are of use to engine and material designers.

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