Perovskite-type LaMnO3 powders and coatings have been prepared by a novel technique, the reactive suspension plasma spraying (SPS) using an inductively coupled plasma of about 40 kW plate power and an oxygen plasma sheath gas. Suitable precursor mixtures were found on the basis of solid state reactions, solubility and the phases obtained during the spray process. Best results were achieved by spraying a suspension of fine MnO2 powder in a saturated ethanol solution of LaCl3 with a 1:1 molar ratio of La and Mn. Low reactor pressure was helpful in order to diminish the amount of corrosive chlorine compounds in the reactor. As-sprayed coatings and collected powders showed perovskite contents of 70-90%. After a post-treatment with an 80% oxygen plasma an almost pure LaMnO3 deposit was achieved in the center of the incident plasma jet.

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