Some applications of high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) flame sprayed WC cermet coatings in paper mills are summarized. The WC cermet sprayed coating is one of the most widely used in the thermal spray industry. HVOF sprayed WC cermet coatings have such excellent physical and chemical properties that they are extensively employed in the industrial field. Typical properties for example, are wear resistance, high stress rotating bending or rolling contact fatigue strength, frictional characteristics, wettability for aqueous agent, non picking or non adhesive property against foreign material, thermal conductivity, mirror finished surface property and so on. They are derived from the compact, denser microstructure, containing fine-sized hard WC particles, high bond strength onto substrate. These characteristics obtained by HVOF sprayed WC cermet coatings are utilized to improve the surface functions of machine parts which are installed mainly in the press department, drying department, size press, calender department and finishing department of paper mills. In this study, examples of some application of WC cermet coatings in several types of rolls in paper mills are introduced.

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