The results of low stress, pin-on-disc and high stress grinding abrasive wear tests on coatings produced by plasma and oxy-acetylene flame spraywelding are presented. FNil5A and FNiWC35 Ni-based self-fluxing alloys were selected as typical spraywelding materials for abrasive wear resistance. The abrasive wear resistance mechanisms of welded overlays produced by various materials and processes were also characterized by hardness tests, microstructural and compositional analyses, and through analysis of the effect of different kinds of abrasive on the wear resistant of Ni-base self-fluxing spraywelding overlays. Results showed that FNiWC35 overlays exhibited improved resistance under low stress abrasion, but the relative wear resistances of FNiWC35 and FNil5A still depended primarily on the type and hardness of the abrasive medium used. For the same material, the abrasive wear resistance of oxyacetylene flame sprayed overlays was higher than that produced by plasma spraywelding. The wear resistance of the plasma spraywelding overlays depended not only on the material, but also strongly on the spraywelding process parameters.

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