Tungsten carbide-12 wt.% cobalt (WC-12Co) coatings and chromium plating are used to provide wear resistant surfaces in gas turbine applications. These treatments provide surfaces with hardnesses greater than 60 Rockwell C. In addition, a surface finish better than 8 microinches RMS is required for optimum performance. To achieve this surface finish, diamond grinding is required. The diamond grinding step adds considerable cost to the product and economical benefits could be achieved if more conventional grinding techniques were incorporated. A program was initiated to develop an alternative thermal spray coating, with a target hardness lower than 60 Rockwell C, but high enough to provide the wear resistance required. Spray development was conducted on five commercially available materials using the Diamond Jet 2600 high velocity oxy-fuel process. Laboratory evaluation included coating microstructure, macro- and microhardness, bond strength, salt spray corrosion, and cyclic compression tests.

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