Mechanical properties of WC-Co D-Gun coatings produced from various powders were determined by using a four-point bend test equipped with a special device for strain measurements. The MOR(Modulus of Rupture), elastic modulus, fracture strain and toughness were measured from stress-strain curves using the four-point bend tests. The fracture strength values were increased in the order of clad, sintered, agglomerated(no densification), blended and cast & crushed powder coatings. The Co content blended with WC-Co cermet powders significantly increased fracture strain values and decreased elastic modulus values. It was found that the type of powder more significantly influenced the mechanical properties of D-Gun coatings than the composition of powders. The toughness of thermal spray coatings was increased by using WC-Co powders (high MOR) blended with self-fluxing alloy powders (high fracture strain).

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