Addition of CaSi2 in steel melt leads to a decrease of oxygen content, an increase of the melt flow capability, an improvement of a metal ductility and weldability. For an estimation of CaSi2 and Si additions effect in conditions of thermal spraying composite powders were produced. A base material of these powders particles is nickel, nichrom and iron. CaSi2 and Si are additional components of the powders (3-12 wt. %). Plasma coatings produced with using of these powders exhibit high density and adhesion. The coatings structure has a high grade of microcrystallinity with a decreasing size of lamels. Oxides content in the coatings decreases with an increasing of CaSi2 and Si content in the composite powders, moreover this effect is more essential in case of CaSi2 addition. Addition of CaSi2 and Si to Ni-base coatings increases a microhardness from 1900-2000 MPa to 2200-2850 MPa. In case of NiCr-base coatings this increasing is from 1800-2100 MPa to 2400-3500 MPa.

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