High Velocity Oxy Fuel, (HVOF), is a high energy Thermal Spraying Combustion Process, producing high density coatings with hardness values in excess of 1200 VPN. Such coatings, using metal carbide spray material, are used extensively in the aerospace industry, in areas where high wear resistance is particularly important. The Linde Detonation Gun, CD-Gun'), has until recent times been the predominant system for applying these hard faced coatings. However, the advent of a number of new HVOF systems approximately 5 years ago, allowed Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul bases the opportunity to offer a more competitive coating service, i.e. these "1st generation" HVOF systems allowed the development of comparable, if not superior coatings to these produced by the D-Gun. Having successfully developed and approved HVOF coatings for the use on Rolls-Royce Gas Turbine components for both Repair and New Manufacture, Rolls Wood Group addressed the problem of transferring HVOF technology from aerospace components to alternative markets, i.e. refurbishment of equipment used in Oil and Gas Production.

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