Fine (median size 6 μm and 0.3 μm) cobalt spinel (Co3O4) powders were processed suspended in a suitable liquid phase. Suspensions exceeding 50 wt.% solid phase content were successfully injected into an inductively coupled plasma. Spheroidized powders with large particle size (up to 80 μm) were prepared, and cobalt oxide coatings were produced by this novel RF-SPS method. The microstructural features of the coatings can be controlled by parameter optimization similarly to plasma spraying of dry powders. Numerous variations of the physical and chemical conditions of the process were performed in an attempt to overcome the main disadvantage of the process, i.e. the decomposition of the spinel phase to CoO. So far, the spinel phase could be reestablished only by a post-treatment of the deposited coatings with atomic oxygen in the RF plasma.

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