Thermal conductivity is an important design parameter for thermal barrier coatings. Accurate thermal conductivity data is therefore required to ensure proper design and reliability of gas turbine blades. In the present research, thermal conductivities of Al2O3 and 8wt.% Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 (8YSZ) coatings, made by air plasma spray, were determined from the measurements of thermal diffusivity and specific heat as a function of temperature. Thermal diffusivity was determined by the laser flash technique. Specific heat was determined by a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). Detailed analyses of the results indicate that the thermal conductivity is sensitive to coating density (porosity), interfaces between splats as well as the interface between the coating and the substrate. Additionally, thermal conductivity evaluations of these coatings were also influenced by the accuracy and relevance of the data on bulk monolithic materials. Further, analyses of sensitivity of the laser flash technique to variations in the coating and the substrate parameters, for the coatings evaluated in this study, were also performed. The results are discussed in the context of coating characteristics, reference conductivity data for dense materials and the sensitivity of the measurement method to coating parameters.

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