The polyethylene terephtalate (PET) is a polymer with a high melting (265°C) and glass transition (67°C) temperatures, insensitive to moisture and common solvents. Also it has an wide range of mechanical properties attainable by variations of molecular weight, orientation and crystallinity. Due to these characteristics allied with the glass-like transparency, light weight and unbreakable character, PET is used to form high performance bottles for carbonated soft drinks, wines, beers and food packing. The world annual consumption of PET for these purposes is increasing, with impressive prospects for the future. This characteristic leads to other situation. The consumption of energy and natural resources together with the environmental problems caused by disposable plastics, make the engineering and materials scientists try to find for different ways to recycled plastics. The characteristics of PET mentioned above seen to be very proper to use as a material for coating.

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