Fusible Ni-B-Si alloys with a variety of alloy additions (Cr, Mo, Cu etc.) have been in service for many years as fused coatings with moderate corrosion resistance. Both gas- and water-atomised powders have been used with the spray and fuse and with the plasma transferred arc process to produce coatings. As the severity of corrosive industrial environments has increased, for example in waste burning boilers, existing alloys have not provided the desired service performance. This study was undertaken to develop a new family of alloys with improved corrosion resistance without sacrificing usability, wear resistance or cost effectiveness. A range of compositions was prepared and evaluated for deposition characteristic, microstructure, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance in various media. The resulting alloy has an exceptional combination of wear and corrosion resistance in comparison to conventional alloys, when tested under comparable conditions.

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