For very large structures and parts in critical environments, a materials solution often cannot be found by using one material. The specific desired properties for those structures, like stiffness, ductility, high temperature stability, corrosion resistance, etc. are difficult to fulfill with only one material. In this case a solution may be found by using coatings and design their specific properties to replenish each other by their combination. The Thermal Spraying processes offer the necessary flexibility of producing thin to thick, ductile, soft to hard coatings while due to the wide range of process temperatures it is possible to process a wide range of materials, both as coating and structure. In this paper the some recent and important developments in Thermal Spraying to produce coatings for technical demanding structures will be described. These developments consist of High Power Plasma Spraying, powder- and process control development. To ensure process consistency during long spraying times and to apply reproducible coating quality a suitable process control is of great importance and the development of temperature control by Pyrometry and Thermography will be presented. The example will be drawn according to the application of a coating on a ball valve for off-shore and ship diesel engine parts (piston and valve).

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