In corrosive media the wear resistance of ceramic-metallic coatings is dependent on the corrosion resistance of the metal matrix. Other factors that will affect the coating deterioration are the corrosivity of the medium and any galvanic interaction from the surrounding material. This paper presents results from a study where different types of WC(Co/Cr/Mo/Ni) powders have been sprayed by HVOF, Diamond Jet 2600 Hybrid equipment. The properties of the sprayed coatings have been verified by metallographic studies and by erosion-corrosion testing both under corrosive and non-corrosive conditions. The results clearly demonstrate the importance of having a metal matrix at least as corrosion resistance as the surrounding materials. When wear exposed components in pipe systems, pumps or valves are coated with a WC type coating, the corrosion resistance of the metal matrix should be compatible to the material of the rest of the system. This is especially important when the surrounding materials are corrosion resistant alloys as stainless steels, where the coatings otherwise will act as an anode.

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