This paper deals with the problem of feeding hot billets into roll stands for rolling into different shapes and the need to apply a traction coating to the roll surface at the passes so that the rolls grip the hot billet. Steel mills have tried different methods over the years to make the roll surface at the passes rough, from throwing a shovelful of sand as the billet is entering the pass to knurling and embossing a rough pattern on the passes with a pepper chisel. Some mills have tried to use sand blasting on the rolls as the billet is passing through and thus ruining the bearings. The process used for this paper is spraying a 0.006" to 0.008" thick coating on the passes with Bondrite, an 80-20 Nickel Aluminum composite wire manufactured by us. The application of this coating is extremely easy and fast. The only preparation before spraying is to clean the roll surface with a good solvent that does not leave any residue. Bondrite has a very high bondstrength and bonds to the clean smooth surface of the rolls with enough bondstrength to impart a rough traction coating on the passes.

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