Reducing the pore size and pore volume can lead to improved mechanical properties and enhanced corrosion resistance of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings. In this work, plasma sprayed 8 wt.% yttria stabilized zirconia coatings were removed from the substrate and machined to obtain 25x5x1 mm test specimens. These specimens were vacuum impregnated with alumina sol, calcined at 873 K for an hour and then heat treated at 1273 K for an hour to produce ceramic impregnated specimens. As-sprayed and impregnated specimens were investigated using optical microscopy, XRD, SEM, mercury intrusion porosimetry and electron microprobe analysis. This technique can impregnate the entire thickness of the specimens. Pores in the as-sprayed specimens were impregnated with α alumina grains, resulting in microstructural variations and reduction of the size and volume of the specimen pores.

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