MoSi2 provides good high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance. However, the lower silicides such as MosSis do not provide such resistance. In this study, atmosphereic plasma sprayed (APS) MoSi2 particle temperatures and velocities were measured under various torch conditions chosen to span the majority of typically utilized spray parameters. Empirical models of particle temperature and velocity were computed from the data. Three spray conditions were chosen to produce high, medium and low particle temperatures and velocities. Coatings produced under these spray conditions were characterized by profile tracing, quantitative x-ray diffraction, and SEM analysis. The Mo5Si3 level in the coatings ranged from 5% to 8% while the Mo5Si3 level in the starting powder was 0.6%. Particle size, particle trajectory, and torch parameters were found to be important factors in the Si loss process when APS depositing MoSi2.

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