Composite coatings are increasingly applied for the protection against wear in mechanical constructions. Especially, in the case of abrasion these coatings offer the possibility to protect the base material. The matrix is ductile and the reinforcements cause the higher strength and hardness. A research project presented in this paper dealt with the manufacture of carbon-short-fibre-reinforced aluminum composite coatings by vacuum plasma spraying. The basis of the processing is the agglomeration of aluminum powder and carbon fibres. During the spraying process the aluminum melts, covers the fibres, and so, contributes to the creation of the composite coating and/or the composites. The processing times are so short that the damaging formation of carbides can be suppressed mostly. For the creation of free standing bodies it is necessary to find a qualified core material which allows the removing of the sprayed composites. The investigations on the composites are focused on the metallographical judgement regarding the fibre and void content, the fibre distribution, the characterization of the interface as well as the determination of mechanical properties and the wear resistance.

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