Oftentimes, the application of bulk ceramics and ceramic coatings is limited by their poor fracture toughness and low strength. The mechanical properties of ceramics can be significantly improved by the incorporation of fibres, whiskers or particles of high strength, like SiC. Due to the high oxygen content of commercially available SiC fibers in combination with the elevated process temperatures, the SiC decomposes during plasma spraying. Therefore commercial SiC fibres were coated for temporary oxidation protection with C, TiN or Al2O3. By different agglomeration techniques using an organic binder SiC/Al2O3 composite powders were produced. Powder mixtures consisting of coated fibres and pure alumina as well as agglomerated powders have been successfully sprayed to form deposits. Recent results of the manufacture of SiC fibre-reinforced ceramic composites by plasma spray technology are presented. The properties of the composite coatings are compared to plasma sprayed pure alumina.

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