To maintain surface roughness of process rolls in cold rolling steel plants, WC-Co coatings have been known to be effective ones. In this study, a high pressure/high velocity oxygen fuel (HP/HVOF) process was used to obtain WC-Co coatings. To get the best quality of coatings, WC-Co coatings are sprayed with numerous powders made by various processes. These powders include agglomerated sintered powders, fused-crushed powders, extra high carbon WC-Co powders and (W2C, WC)-Co powders. After spraying, properties of coatings such as hardness, wear resistance. X-ray diffraction, and microstructures were analyzed. For coatings produced by agglomerated-sintered powders, hardness of the coating increased as power levels and the number of passes were increased. In case of the coatings produced by fused-crushed powders, a very low deposition rate was obtained due to a low flowablity of the powders. In addition, the WC-Co coatings sprayed with extra carbon content of WC-Co did not show improved hardness and wear resistance. Also, some decomposition of WC was observed in the coating. Finally, the coatings produced by (W2C, WC)-Co powders produced higher hardness and lower wear resistance coating.

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