The scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) technique is used for studying the character and interface quality of cold sprayed Fe coatings deposited onto notched Al-based substrates. Three notch geometries were used: a rectangular notch, a trapezoidal notch with a flat bed, and a trapezoidal notch with a cylindrical bed. Scanning electron micrographs demonstrated an increased porosity and cracks at the areas where the spraying direction was not perpendicular to the surface of the substrate. The SAM measurements were then performed on thin plates cut vertically across the notches such that the scanned area included the locations of the increased porosity and their surroundings. The resulting distributions of longitudinal wave velocities and their attenuation revealed that the affected area is more complex and the mechanical response of the coatings could be limited not only at areas of the visible porosity, but also in their vicinity.

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