This work provides a new in-situ measurement method for the analysis of the spray-spot geometry and the thermal properties of the coating. The new approach is based on infrared detection of the thermal radiation from the coating surface combined with a subsequent automated spray-spot characterization. With this method it is possible to describe the geometry, the axis-position of the torch, the powder injection properties, and the temperature distribution in of the spray-spot. Especially for the automated production in high quantity the spray-spot analysis is a useful assistance for the operator because the detector reacts very sensitive on small changes of the process conditions. With regard on important fields of application (e.g., gas turbine production) the sensor is suitable to detect drifting spray system parameters. Also, the progression of wear at the nozzle, injector and electrode can easily be estimated. In recent research the in-situ spray spot analysis is being developed further for the characterization of multipair electrode plasma generators.

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