This paper presents the results of two metals coatings, molybdenum and tantalum, prepared by Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray (CAPS) onto Al 6061 substrates that were thermal cycled to calculate the effective coating modulus. Traditional uniaxial tensile testing samples were prepared from thicker duplicate coatings for comparison, as well as to measure thermal expansion properties and oxygen and nitrogen content. The molybdenum samples cut from thicker coatings were un-able to be tensile tested due to their fragility. Thermal cycle testing of molybdenum on an Al 6061 substrate was found to have a modulus approximately 18 to 19% of literature values for bulk molybdenum using the bi-layer beam thermal cycling method. Additionally, non-linear modulus behaviour was observed in the molybdenum sample when enough thermal strain was induced to shift the coating from a compressive to tensile stress state. The tantalum coating was found to have a modulus approximately 42 to 46% of literature values for bulk tantalum using the bi-layer thermal cycling method. Traditional tensile testing measured a modulus approximately 44 to 46% of bulk, which shows good agreement between the two methods and supports that the bi-layer thermal cycling method is valid for plasma sprayed refractory metal coatings.

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