In a novel approach for guiding elements of sawing machines wear resistant coatings were applied on open-porous AlSi7Mg substrates by means of high velocity suspension flame spraying (HVSFS). The challenge is to establish a wear resistant coating but simultaneously maintain the open-porous structure that is necessary to serve as a permeable structure for liquid cooling or lubricant media under operation. In a first approach, a water-based suspension containing a mixed Al2O3-TiO2 powder for HVSFS was used to deposit dense and well adherent mixed-oxide coatings. As the substrates exhibit an open-porous structure and a well-defined pore size distribution, transpiration cooling through the pores is possible and even necessary in order to ensure a low thermal impact on the fragile pore structure, preserving the open-porosity of the substrate. The coatings are characterized and compared by the means of light microscopy and hardness indentation.

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