The use of suspensions in the thermal spraying process, makes it possible to apply sufficiently thin (<30 μm), metallic coatings made of nickel-chromium alloy 2.4869 (NiCr8020). High velocity oxy-fuel suspension flame spraying (HVSFS) is used to manufacture these thin metallic coatings in order to be able to effectively use them as electric panel heaters. Area heating capacities of 25 W cm-2 are possible with them and heating rates of 15 K s-1 even outperform many ceramic heating elements. In addition, it provides a flexible way to apply the heating coatings directly to the components to be heated. The use of fine powders in the micron and sub-micron ranges allows a more precise adjustment of the coating thickness, compared to conventional thermal spraying techniques, even in the thickness range below 10 μm. Therefore, an adaption to customer needs is possible regarding the electric panel heater characteristics, like electric resistance, applied voltages and current range and heating rates.

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