The adaptation of medium-entropy alloys (MEAs) by minor alloying constituents allows a targeted modification of the property profile of this material class for surface protection applications. In the present work, the potential of BSiC additions in the MEA system CrFeNi as base for adapted feedstock materials for thermal spraying is investigated. The alloy development was carried out in an electric arc furnace. Compared with the initial alloy, a significant increase in the wear resistance of the castings was demonstrated for the adapted alloy composition. Subsequently, powder was produced and characterized by inert gas atomization, followed by processing via high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying. The tribological behavior was evaluated comparatively for all manufacturing variants considered. A good agreement in the property profile was determined, confirming the basic alloy development approach based on metallurgical processes. The evaluation of the process-structure property relationships confirms the great potential of adapted alloy systems for complex alloys in the field of surface engineering.

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