Hybrid aerosol deposition (HAD) is a new coating method to deposit homogeneous nano-structured ceramic coatings. An accurate evaluation of the fabricated coating properties is required. In this study, α-Al2O3 fine powder was sprayed by HAD. The obtained coatings were dense and uniform with a nanocrystalline structure. An X-ray diffraction measurement revealed that the fabricated HAD Al2O3 coatings mainly consisted of α-Al2O3 phase. The hardness and Young's modulus of the HAD Al2O3 coatings were evaluated by a micro-Vickers method and a nanoindentation method using the Weibull distribution. The hardness of HAD Al2O3 coatings measured by micro-Vickers was ~1400 HV (~15 GPa). The variation of mechanical properties of HAD coatings measured by the nanoindentation method was extremely small compared to those of plasma-sprayed coatings, which also indicates that HAD coatings contain less pores and cracks than plasma-sprayed coatings.

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