Thermally sprayed WC-based hardmetal coatings offer high hardness, good sliding wear and abrasion performance and find large applications in mechanical engineering, valve construction, or offshore applications. WC-Co coatings are mainly produced by high-velocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF) from conventional spray feedstock powders. In our previous work, the potential of the suspension-HVOF spraying (S-HVOF) to produce dense-structured WC-12Co coatings has been shown. Significant work was devoted to the development of appropriate aqueous hardmetal suspensions starting from commercially available fine WC and Co raw powders feedstock. This contribution proposes a step forward in the development of the S-HVOF WC-12Co coatings and evaluation of their microstructural and tribological properties. Suspension spraying trials were carried out using gas-fuelled HVOF TopGun system. For comparison purposes, liquid-fuelled HVOF K2 was employed to spray WC-12Co coatings starting from commercial available spray powder. Microstructural characterization, X-Ray diffraction and microhardness of the coatings were evaluated. Oscillating sliding wear tests were conducted against sintered Al2O3 and WC-6Co balls. The sliding wear performances of the WC-Co sprayed coatings were discussed in term of the microstructure, phase composition and coating-ball test couples.

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