During the impact and solidification of thermal spray droplets on a substrate, the density increases when the droplet solidifies. Depending on the material, the changes in density could be significant. For example, aluminum oxide's density changes by 66%, while the changes are 12% and 19% for nickel and copper, respectively. For zirconia, this change is 24%. The effect of such densification on the dynamic of the droplet impact and the formation of porosity could be dramatic. In this study, the effect of shrinkage of a molten droplet during solidification on droplet impact is numerically investigated for several materials. Results for the impact of molten alumina, nickel, copper, and zirconia droplets on both smooth and rough surfaces are presented. The results of variable density cases are compared with those assuming constant density. The effect of thermal shrinkage is particularly vital in the interaction of two impacting droplets. The shrinkage promotes the formation of additional pores.

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