This paper presents the results of an emission study on plasma spraying equipment and processes. Various measurements and samples were taken outside the spraying booth, at the operator level, and in the suction ducts upstream and downstream of the filtration equipment, creating a detailed profile of the aerosol emitted by the injection of NiAl powder in the plasma jet. The results show the existence of two families of particles, one ranging in size from 0.5 to 20 µm, the other of nanometric proportions. Concentrations of the larger particles were in the range of 600 cm-3 in the booth. As for submicron particles, concentrations of up to 107 cm-3 were observed but decreased significantly at the outlet of the filter system. The aerosol samples examined were dominated by a nanometric background of aggregates made up of oxidized nickel particles. Aggregates up to 100 nm in size, consisting of finer particles in the 5-20 nm size range, were found in high concentrations upstream of the filtration system. Great vigilance is thus required to protect equipment operators, an important part of which is placing dust collectors as close as possible to spraying booths connected by short, straight pipe runs.

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