Thermal spray coatings are widely used to protect materials from corrosion, wear, and oxidation, but they have yet to reach their full potential because of porosity limitations and the detrimental effects of oxidation on interlamellar bonding. This paper investigates an atmospheric plasma spraying process that deposits oxide-free dense metallic coatings with well bonded lamellae. The process produces ultrahigh temperature metallic droplets, up to 2650 °C, using specially designed powders that are deoxidized in-flight through the evaporation or gasification of oxides. The impact of these oxide-free ultrahigh temperature droplets has a spreading-fusing, self-metallurgical bonding effect resulting in fully dense bulk-like metallic coatings. Various coating materials, including NiCrMo, 304SS-Mo, NiCrBSi, and Al, are investigated, demonstrating the versatility of the new technique.

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