Cold spray process was chosen as a good candidate for dimensional restoration and protection of components. Commercially pure aluminum, aluminum-alloy or titanium were recommended for different applications. This paper investigates laser surface texturing association to enhance durability of sprayed coatings. Laser is easy automated, localized and reliable process. It was applied for prior-surface treatment. Textured surfaces were produced and compared to conventional treatments, such as grit-blasting, in terms of deposition efficiency and adhesion bond strength. Patterns promoted direct particle embedment. Particle-substrate interface exhibited significant temperature rate and strain in cavities. Intimate contacts and particle compressive states were assumed responsible for improvement. The particle deformation and bonding behaviors were evaluated and discussed for the different configurations. Thus, window of deposition was increased with laser surface texturing. Anchoring mechanisms increased two fold the adhesion strength compared to conventional pre-treatments. In one case, the interface was stronger than the coating cohesive strength.

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